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1. What is Defunct Music Archive?

What is Defunct Music Archive? It is a website devoted to collecting information, music, biographies, and photographs about lesser known, Canadian musicians and bands, and making it all available to a wider audience online. It is meant to be a … Continue reading

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6. References/Links

This section will serve as both an online bibliography and a resource for further reading for visitors of the site.  It includes links to wikipedia entries, books used as references for the biography section, band websites, and interviews of related … Continue reading

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2. Deja Voodoo/Og Music

This section is representative of the biographical part of the project.  Using information about the band found in secondary sources such as online articles, books, and interviews conducted specifically for the site, it will offer a digestible overview of the … Continue reading

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3. Music

“If I could describe ‘cool’ to you, it wouldn’t be cool. So you’ll have to take my word for it— these are cool bands. They’re not all famous, they don’t all play the same style of music. Some of them … Continue reading

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5. Analog To Digital Conversion

A significant part of this project will be collecting out of print albums that are on analog formats (Vinyl and Cassette) and making them available online.  Further more, this website is meant to be a collaborative space, where people from … Continue reading

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4. Interviews

One of the more exciting parts of this project is actually getting a chance to interview the members of the bands that will be featured on the website.  This month I had the opportunity to interview one of Og Music’s … Continue reading

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