3. Music

“If I could describe ‘cool’ to you, it wouldn’t be cool. So you’ll have to take my word for it— these are cool bands. They’re not all famous, they don’t all play the same style of music. Some of them probably don’t even like each other. What these bands all have in common is the ability to take a style of music, whether it’s punk, country, blues, western, psychedelia, garage rock, whatever, and warp that style until it becomes their own. Sounds cool to me.” – Del Picasso (A.K.A Deja Voodoo’s Gerard Van Herk), From The Liner Notes of Og Records’ It Came From Canada Vol. 1, 1985

Using the same procedure used in the digitization tutorial, I converted the music from Og Music’s first ever vinyl compilation called ‘It Came From Canada’ to digital format, and then uploaded the songs to Bandcamp, a new music sharing platform that allows musicians to share and sell their music online without them having to pay for online storage and bandwidth.

ICFC Front Jpeg ICFC Jpeg

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